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Hello, I’m Emily Hunsicker, the founder and owner of Travel Finesse. You might know me from my past agencies, Avian Travel and Postcard Travel. I’m excited to be launching my latest and greatest venture. Believe it or not, I started out in the travel business back in 1974, when we had to replace the pages in a huge tariff book, one page at a time, as the airfares changed! We’ve come a long way since then, some changes better than others, but still the world is an incredible place and full of thrilling adventures to seek and experience. I myself have traveled to many parts of the world, with friends, by myself, with strangers, on foot, by sea, by bicycle, by ski, and if I haven’t been there myself, there is a good chance I’ve sent one of my clients. I try to see things from the traveler’s perspective and anticipate questions and concerns, so that all the details are covered before the client departs. Where do you want to go? Come on; let me help you get there!

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