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Why Every Parent Needs a Passport

Is your child studying in Spain next semester? Backpacking through Thailand? Building a bottle school in Guatemala? Vacationing in Cancun?

When your child is planning to travel overseas, don’t forget to put Apply for Passport on your to-do list. Because if they need one, so do you.

Universally-accepted as proof of identity, a passport is an invaluable possession and is rapidly becoming an essential one as well.

But, why do you, as a parent, need a passport when your child is traveling overseas?

Because things happen. Kids will be kids and accidents occur every day – even when they’re responsible young adults not engaging in kid-like behavior. They get sick and they get hurt, just like they do at home. But, when there’s an ocean between you, problems are a lot harder to cope with. If your child has a true emergency, you’re going to want to get over there as quick as you can. And, the bottom line is, if you don’t have a valid passport, you’re not leaving tonight.

So, get your photo taken, fill out the paperwork and get yourself a valid passport. You want to be ready for anything – even the improbable invitation to spend a week with your child in the south of France.

Passports are good for ten years, renewals are easy, and the process is worth every penny in peace of mind.

For information on applying for a passport, click here.