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I recently traveled (having not been ANYWHERE except home for ages!), and I was happy to see that the thrill is not gone.  And I am now convinced that it will never be gone.  Yes, I felt the usual stress:  what should I pack? how many ounces is this liquid? how am I going to get everything done before I leave? am I allowing enough time to get the airport on time? For the first time, I decided to take the train from Glenside, which ended up being a good choice.  Once I was at the station and realized that the train was on time, I could start relaxing.  When I drive and park, I don’t start feeling relaxed until I’m sitting at the gate.  As the train chugged around the curve and the airport came into view, I felt a wave of excitement and happiness.  I am going somewhere!  I am traveling! I am going to see new things and have new experiences and gather new memories!   Oh, to be on the way…!